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Apelco is a registered trademark of Raymarine Holdings Limited Registered in all major marketing territories. All other product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trade- marks if applicable of their respective companies. This guide contains an explanation of how to install, commission and main- tain your Raymarine SR Sirius Weather System for use with your E- Series display. This product is a weather information system consisting of a receiver and antenna. Make sure the power supply is switched off before you make any electrical connections.

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This equipment must be installed and operated in accordance with the instructions contained in this handbook. Although this product has been designed to be accurate and reliable, many factors can affect its performance. As a result, it should only be used as an aid to navigation and should never replace common sense and navigational judgement. Always maintain a permanent watch so you can respond to situations as they develop. All information presented by the Sirius weather service is advisory only. You acknowledge the risk of incomplete and erroneous information and assume complete responsibility and risks associated with this device, and accordingly release Raymarine, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. By using this service, you acknowledge and agree that you have read the terms of the subscription agreement for this service and agree to all of the terms contained therein. If you do not have the subscription agreement, you may view a copy at www. All Raymarine equipment and accessories are designed to the best industry standards for use in the recreational marine environment. The design and manufacture of Raymarine equipment and accessories conforms to the appropriate Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC standards, but correct installation is required to ensure that performance is not compromised. For full details and installation guidelines refer to www. To register your new Raymarine product, please take a few minutes to fill out the warranty card. It is important that you complete the owner infor- mation and return the card to us to receive full warranty benefits. Your product can also be registered via our website www. To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in this handbook was correct as it went to press. Raymarine cannot accept any liability for any inaccuracies or omissions it may contain.

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In addition, our policy of continuous product improvement may change specifications without notice. As a result, Raymarine cannot accept liability for any differences between the product and the handbook. Throughout this handbook, the dedicated labelled keys are shown in bold capitals, e. The soft key functions are shown in italics, e. All Raymarine equipment and accessories are designed to best industry standards for use in the recreational marine environment. Their design and manufacture conforms to the appropriate Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC standards, but correct installation is required to ensure that performance is not compromised. Although every effort has been made to ensure that they will perform under all conditions, it is important to understand what factors could affect the operation of the product. The guidelines given here describe the conditions for optimum EMC perfor- mance, but it is recognized that it may not be possible to meet all of these. Cutting and rejoining these cables can compromise EMC performance and must be avoided unless doing so is detailed in the installation manual. If the ferrite needs to be removed during installation, it must be reassembled in the same position. To ensure the best possible conditions for EMC performance within the constraints imposed by any location, always ensure the maximum separation possible between different items of electrical equipment.

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The illustration shows typical cable suppression ferrites used with Raymarine equipment. Always use the ferrites supplied by Raymarine. VHF radios, cables and antennas. A radar beam can normally be assumed to spread 20 degrees above and below the radiating element. Voltage drops below 10 V, and starter motor tran- sients, can cause the equipment to reset. This will not damage the. If your Raymarine equipment is to be connected to other equipment using a cable not supplied by Raymarine, a suppression ferrite MUST always be attached to the cable near to the Raymarine unit. When planning the installation and choosing locations for the antenna and receiver, consider the following points:. Make sure the antenna has a clear view of the sky. Height is not important. If your boat has radar, make sure that the antenna is mounted above or below the radar scanner, but not in the radar beam. DO NOT cut cables or remove connectors as this will severely reduce system performance. If a longer cable is required you will need to purchase a replacement cable from a suitable dealer. If a shorter cable is required, coil excess cable neatly and secure out of the way. This could damage the connector.

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  • Coil any extra cable and secure it out of the way. This cable has a connector plug for connecting to the SR weather receiver at one end and three wires at the other for connecting to your boats power supply. This cable may be extended to a distance of 60 ft. This cable should be used to connect your weather receiver to either a SeaTalkhs Network Switch or cross over coupler to connect to your E-Series display. If a longer cable is required it should be purchased from your local Raymarine dealer.

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    Cutting or splicing the antenna cable will result in severely reduced system performance. An antenna cable of 25 ft. This RF coax cable should be used to connect the antenna to the weather receiver.

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    If a longer cable is required it should be purchased from your Shakespeare dealer. The following section gives details of how to install your SR Sirius Weather receiver and antenna. The receiver should be installed a minimum of 3 ft. Thread the cable and connector through the mounting flange and gasket. This section deals with connecting your Sirius weather system after installation. The connector panel also contains a light emitting diode LED to indicate system status for diagnostic purposes. If you do not have a breaker in the power circuit, an in-line 2A quick blow fuse should be fitted to the positive red lead of the power cable. That is 12 V or 24 V systems. There is no power switch on the SR receiver, it automatically turns on when the system is powered. The power connection for your system should be made at either the output of the battery isolator switch, or at a DC power distribution panel. The power must be fed directly to the system through its own dedicated cable system and MUST be protected by a thermal circuit breaker or fuse, installed close to the power connection. The power cable may be extended up to a maximum length of 60 ft. If the power connections are accidentally reversed the system will not work. Raymarine recommends using a multi-meter to ensure that the power lead is connected with the correct polarity. It is important that an effective RF ground is connected to your SR weather system. If you need to extend the wire, the extension wire should be an 8 mm braid or AWG 10 multi-strand cable. If your boat does not have an RF system, connect the drain wire to the negative battery terminal. The supplied SeaTalk hs high speed network cable should be connected from the receiver to a network hub or a cross-over coupler to enable connection to your E-Series display. DO NOT cut or splice the antenna cable or remove the connec- tors as system performance will be severely reduced. The antenna cable should be used to connect the SRA to the receiver. If a cable length greater than the 25 ft. With your Sirius weather system correctly installed, this section details how to activate Sirius weather. Open a weather application page and make it active. For full details of how to do this, refer to Raymarine Handbook No. Press the MENU key. The Setup dialog box appears. Use the trackpad to highlight Weather Setup Menu. Use the trackpad to enter Weather Setup Menu. Make a note of your Sirius Weather ID number. Contact Sirius Weather at to activate your system. There may be occasions when it is necessary to upgrade your Sirius SR software. The following section gives details of how to carry out this operation. Before upgrading your SR software, there are 2 pieces of hardware that are necessary to complete this process:.

    This device will be used to copy the files downloaded from Raymarine. Point your web browser to http: Navigate to Software update pages. Click the relevant link to download the Sirius weather upgrade.

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    Follow the on-screen instructions. While this software upgrade is not intended to erase data stored in your E-Series displays internal memory, it is strongly recommended that you perform a backup before. You can use the same CF card used to perform the software upgrade for backup, or you can use a different card if you wish. Power your E-Series display ON. The navigation disclaimer appears. Insert the backup CF card into the E-Series card slot. If not already in chart plotter mode, press the PAGE key.

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